I bought mine used to take with me on a big trip to Ireland. I kept B&W film in one body and color in the other. After about three rolls through the FA, I simply fell in love. I left the other body (an FM3A!) in the bag except for the rare sunrise (needed color).

I can't say enough good about the FA. I shoot mainly in aperature priority auto or manual exposure and have never had the thing screw up an auto exposure - even with a speed light. I've run it without battery (1/250 second and B are all you get). I've dropped it, used it in all weather conditions and it just keeps going. Never a problem. Just what you'd expect from a Nikon.

The FA has even made me wonder why I ever sprung for a new FM3a (only the second new 35mm SLR I've ever purchased). And, the FA has certainly relagated teh FM3A to un-used status.

If I had to pick a nit, I'd have to agree that I wish it had a match needle metering display instead of the in view finder +/- in the LCD.

Incidently, I think Phil Greenspun has called the FA the best Nikon ever (but, that was a few years ago).