I've been using a Nikon FA since 1995 and it may be my favorite Nikon. I actually have two black models with MD-15 motor drives attached. I have used them quite frequently over the years, shooting a wide variety of subjects,...even weddings for a couple of years. One of my favorite features with the FA is the ability to use mirror lock up (activated by use of the self-timer) in aperture priority mode. Not many cameras can utilize stepless shutter speeds with the mirror locked up, and I find this feature useful for when I shoot certain things like macro work or landscapes. I agree with gchpaco, in that using the FA in Manual mode is not as enjoyable as, say, a match-needle camera, but other than that, I have no complaints. I've used both of my FA bodies in sub-freezing weather, extreme heat, rain, snow, etc. They're tough, accurate tools and I hope I can use them for many, many years to come. -Marc