So we're both restoring the same camera and waiting on Jim for our bellows. Mine is on its way back so any day now I can bolt it back on the camera. Luckily I am just having to clean the wood and not refinish. The brass is being polished by hand but I don't think I'll do the geared rails - I'll clean them up with a toothbrush or something but I don't think they need a polish.

We'll have to go shooting.
What lenses do you have? I have a 210 Wide Field Graphic Raptar (New Old Stock never used ) which is an apo that will cover 8x10. I have a 240mm Goerz Dagor that also covers. 305mm and 480mm apo-Nikkors in barrels. I have sets of stops for both and plan to have ND filters put in them so that I can shoot without a shutter. I'm thinking about making an adapter so that my Calumet 400 series mounted lenses could fit the Ansco. Sort of like the Linhof/Cambo setup you see sometimes.

Do you have woodworking facilities? I need some lensboard work done and don't know anyone. I just take stuff to a machine shop for metal cameras.

Beau Photo has a camera like ours it is preWWII as it has Agfa-Ansco on it. They have one for renting and another on consignment that is in mint condition with a matching tripod. Not as much satisfaction as having babied one back to health though.