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I was getting ready to print last night and didn't look at the bottles I grabbed. Well, the ones I did grab were the Ferric and a bottle of 20% Sodium Chloroplatinate solution. I immediately recognized a problem when I developed the image--looked like a washed out grainy lith print. Pretty neat effect, but way too expensive for me! I'm just glad I was doing a small print (4x5) and only used 5 drops

25mL Palladium: $62.50
10mL 20% Sodium Chloroplatinate: $45

Ever had any weird effects from using the wrong chemical?

Not me. I can not remember every making a mistake in mixing chemicals in my photograpic work where the effect did not turn out 100% the way I wanted.

But just for the record, the Sodium Chloroplatinate is the the so-called Na2 solution tht many people are using these days as the contrast control agent with palladium printing, using sodium chloropalladite. Directions on Dick Arentz' web site if interested.