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I am looking for a book that goes through the basics and then more detail of black and white photography. Especially, What sort of subjects are good for black and white, what kind of light is best, when to use coloured filters, and so on. A book that includes developing and darkroom advice would be nice but is not necessary.
Trying to find books that will tell you what to photograph is ridiculous, and leads to creative dead ends.

Here are my 2cents.

You need something to show you how to load film on the reel, what chemicals to use and in what order to use them and something to show you how the enlarger works. There are countless books to show you that.

With that information in hand, you then get as much film as your pockets will allow, and you go photograph.

You might try looking at photo books (monographs) to see what you respond to, and photographing those subject. Just experiment; it will keep it exciting, and it will keep it fun.

Good luck and have fun.