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Yeah, I don't know about the top plate being plastic...mine's got a pretty nice dent in it that suggests otherwise. Maybe production switched at somepoint from metal to plastic?
I have a slightly damaged FA top plate that is off the camera with a serial number of 5398266. It is definitely plastic throughout. "The New Nikon Compendium" states that "The top plate is made of a plastic as opposed to metal in the FM2/FE2 and is a lot wider above the prism.....".

The reason one might see 'brassing' in worn areas is because there is a bronze colored layer of paint between the gray plastic and the outer layer of black paint. It's plain to see looking at the underside of this particular top plate. I think that's pretty clever, although, I would have preferred metal over plastic.

Brad, since your Nikon FA top plate has a dent in it, perhaps some earlier models were metal. I don't know.

I can send photos if anyone is interested in seeing both sides of a Nikon FA top plate. I'm usually not this technically 'vocal', but I really love using FAs (as far as 35mm goes). -Marc