I should clarify what I meant in my original post. By 'subject' I mean what sort of things will look best in colour and what sort of things will look best in black and white. Some things that look good in colour might not make a good black and white photograph and vice versa. These days I am shooting traditional Korean houses so I have a 'theme', as it were. Also, I am not a beginner and I already develop my own film and print at home (though I have just started printing so I am a beginner in that department). What I am looking for is a book that will be useful as a reference and to fill in the cracks of my knowledge of black and white photography. And, as I said in my original post, I want to learn more about filter use.
BWgirl, sorry for passing you over in my original reply. I checked the site you mentioned and it is not a free book, as someone else mentioned. And men definitely hear women; my wife never lets herself go unanswered.