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I should clarify what I meant in my original post. By 'subject' I mean what sort of things will look best in colour and what sort of things will look best in black and white. Some things that look good in colour might not make a good black and white photograph and vice versa.
Dear Masuro,

Consider buying a 'PV' (Pan Vision) filter, typically dark olive-green, which reduces all colours to tones quite convincingly and mimics the sensitivity of panchromatic B+W film (hence the name). SRB makes one: www.srbfilm.co.uk. You can carry it in your pocket and just look at different subjects. There's a picture of one in the free module on B+W in the Photo School at www.rogerandfrances.com. Alternatively, any strong filter will do but it will distort tonal relationships more -- I've even used orange-coloured cellophane sweet wrappers.

As Geoffrey Crawley said recently, you can often make a picture in B+W where none exists in colour, so I know what you mean.