I have researched and finally went and ordered some PYROCAT HD. But I was also looking at XTOL and cam across a formula for MYTOL. How good is mytol? I am used to TMAX developer but I want to start mixing my own so it can be more predictable.

The pyro is for the LF and the mytol would be for MF and 35mm.

This is the formula I came across and have no idea if it is correct or any good;

Chemical Amount Units
Distilled Water 750 ml
Sodium Sulfite 60 g
Sodium Metaborate 4 g
Sodium Ascorbate 13 g
Phenidone 0.15 g
Sodium Metabisulfite 3 g
Distilled water to make 1000 ml

Directions for dilutions to equal Xtol diluted 1+1 or 1+2 at 68F/20C.

Also what kind of scale do you recommend?