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Hi Tom, any idea what the time frame for this is? My shooting has been close to my home lately. I'd say my sessions last 3 hours max. So should I shoot, clear, then place in a water bath until I get home, or just leave them in the clearing bath and try to get home within an hours time? thanks
What I would do is expose the film, pull the packet out of the Polaroid back without processing and store it (them) til you get home. Use your Polariod back to process the packets. Separate the film from the print. If you like, you can first remove the viscous monobath goo and antihalation die with a wash in an 18% solution of sodium sulfite. Alternatively, put the film straight into the hardening fixer bath, which will clear it and harden it in one step. Then wash, photoflo and dry like normal film.

An alternative would be a place field processed negatives in Tupperware container filled with an 18% sodium sulfite solution. Then fix/harden them for about 2 minutes in the same container when you get home. 55PN negs are easy to scratch before they are hardened.