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It takes forever to tweak my running water to run at a specific temperature and it takes me about 45 seconds to draw a whole bucket of perfectly tempered water. For this reason it is vastly more economical for me both in time and water, to wash my film with a series of fills and dumps rather than running water.

I'd be interested to hear some thoughts and information on this method of washing. How many changes equal a minute of running water? Are there any drawbacks?
No drawbacks! Like others in this thread, I've been doing it by the fill and dump method for many years. My processed film passes residual hypo tests every time.

Film washing is a matter of getting the fixer off of the surface with a quick rinse, then getting the fixer out of the emulsion (by diffusion) using the fill, soak and dump process. If you use a non-hardening fixer, the process goes faster and requires less water.