I've never tested Mytol, but I liked very much E76 dilluted 1+1 or 1+3. I feel results shall be very similar between the two.


Ascobic devs are have a very nice balance between fine grain and acutance.

Nowadays I'm using one of Patrick Gainer's long lasting ascorbate formulas with borax as alkali and sulfite at 25g/liter.
IMO this is better than no sulfite and a stronger alkali.

And I believe you are looking for how to measure the minute phenidone quantities.

Prepare a stock solution of phenidone in very pure alcohol (I mix 2g/100cc) and then 10cc equals 0.2g and so on.
If possible, dissolve a pinch of hydroquinone in the alcohol before adding the phenidone (it lasts longer this way).

Jorge O