Here is what I do. I believe the 440 has an electronic shutter, like most all of the 100 to 450 series. If so, the shutter will NOT operate without working batteries. If it has a battery in it, oen the back, exposing the lens from behind. Cock the shutter by depressing the lever on the right. Set the film speed to the slow (75) setting. Then point the camera into a relatively dim lit area and snap the shutter. You should see the round aperature exposed for a fraction of a sec. up to several seconds (depending on how dark it is). Now take it outside and cock and snap the shutter again, and you should see the round aperature for an instant only. If both tests are successful, you are ready to test this baby with film. If you only see the plastic carrier move from right to left, the battery is dead. You will have to find a new one, or do what I do which is convert to AAA batteries, or something available today.
Steve Perry