Here's what's written in the editorial of the recent Silvershotz edition (I hope I'm not breaking the law for copyright infringement):

Analogue photography is now obsolete.
The revolution is over, the changes wrought and the new way firmly established. As a commercial vehicle, analogue photography has been completely replaced by digital imaging. The transformation is nearly complete as we pass from a mechanical/physical/ chemical age to an electronic/digital/ computer age. This was very evident at my stand during the 4 days of 'Focus on Imaging' trade fair in Birmingham, England the last week of February. A good 95% of those I spoke to had forsaken their darkroom for the ease and convenience of the desktop. The flow of pictorial information in society from processing and storing, to transmitting and displaying images, has had the most profound and dramatic change on all our lifestyles.
Do I lament this change. Not a bit. In fact I find this change exciting. The authenticity and value of images has now come into sharp focus. This magazine is all about fine art photography which concentrates on the traditional and alternative printing processes. The digital age has actually helped our cause and elevated our status. A one off, or limited edition , hand crafted product is going to increase the perception of the value of the fine art products. During the next year I will be featuring many articles and folios on fine art media to ensure that as many readers as possible of this magazine have an excellent grounding in these artistic practises. The readers who are potential collector's of fine art photography will be that much better informed when making a purchase.

I think this is a wonderful way to put things in order... I have to congratulate the (anonymous) editor and try to support the mag by saying to everyone that it's a really wonderful publication that deserves to be recieved by every film photographer in the world that can understand the english language... Please subscribe, it's the only way we can keep it alive and well...

I know that it was mentioned here on APUG that it's starting to go D***, but it's not true, Silvershotz's commitment to film photography still goes on as strong as ever.

There are two funny errors in the current issue, first the fact that they're talking about Polar Bears on the Antarctica and the other mentioning the French word "autier" (it's actually "auteur")... minor things that made me laugh, though...