I had the Zone 6 heavy mutha and sold it and got the smaller one. Indoors I put some slippers on its spiked feet that I made from tennis balls. Out in the wind you make any tripod more stable by taking a spike from your tent and driving it into the ground and then set your tripod right over it. Now get a bungi cord and hook it to the stake and to the bottom of the tripod making sure you have a lot of downward pull on the tripod. The tripod should not move at that point. You can also take a sleeping bag bag and fill it with rocks and hang it from that same bungi cord. Not as stable and you have to go find you sleeping bag when you are through as the wind has most likely blown it away. But in really rocky ground, it is an alternative. I have a canvas triangle that I made that I hang under the head on the legs that I keep my stuff that is not in the bag. That is generally everything because the bag I have is so shitty that everything has to come out for me to use my stuff.