Format is only one issue, the real question is negative SIZE and 6X7 is obviously larger that 6X6 unless, of course, you intend to crop it to SQUARE. The other way around always results in less usable negative area. Bronica, by the way, makes a fine 6X7 that handles very well. Portraits? Studio or in situ? It makes a difference if your work is dedicated studio; in that case, 6X6 hardly makes sense when you can enjoy a 6X9 roll film adapter on a small (Linhof, Plaubel, Sinar) 21/4X31/4 view camera. Keep your Bronica and buy a small view with a good convertible portrait lens. You will be surprised how versatile that little gem will be. Shalom, David.

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Hey Everyone.

I am new to MF and am loving it. My dream job and ultimate goal is to become a portrait photographer. I currently have a Bronica SQ-Ai and really like the camera. I have made some nice images with it too.

In my studying about posing, modeling, composition, etc, it seems MANY pros use 6x7 format. My question is, should I be looking at a 6x7 format rather than 6x6? Who are some well known photographers (besides you Cheryl) who use square format rather than 6x7?

Coming from a 35mm background, moving to an RZ might be my answer.

I don't know what to think, that's why I'm asking you for your opinion.

Eric Redard