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I am about to explore indoor window light portraits. I need your suggestion for a black and white film which, in my (beginner's) mind should have the following characteristics:
  1. A good latitude to handle the high contrast light
  2. Has a good rendering of skin tones
  3. Possibly, it's not too difficult to scan (I will evaluate the negatives scanning them into my PC)

There might be other properties of the film which are not coming to my mind right now, and I will appreciate any indication that you might find useful.

I shoot 35mm and will most probably will be using a Nikkor 105/2.5 (maybe also a 50/2).
I like Tri-X for this type of shots because it's got good tones and is good latitude.
About scanning this film is ok, but if you plan to print the negs traditionally evaluationg the negs exclusively on the PC isn't good enough though. You need to "read" the negative directly.
Another good film is HP5 from Ilford.

Greetings Morten