Okay, the first MN APUG trip to St. Cloud was fun, and during that excursion there was some talk about arranging a trip up to the North Shore. Maybe for a weekend trip this time. Leave on Friday Afternoon, and return Sunday afternoon.

There should be plenty of opportunity for all sorts of photographic tastes.

We can camp, or B+B. My preference would be for camping as it's also part of the getting away experience.

Timing wise, I am thinking early to mid September. Crowds should have subsided as the kids are back in school, and camping is still doable as the weather should still be pleasant. We could also do it later still if you want to see fall color at its peak. Then the B+B's get booked up quickly so we need to determine a weekend soon. Please provide feedback, additional, or alternative venues if the North Shore is not to your taste. We have to get out and do something!!!! Other options might be Itasca State Park, or Boundary Waters....