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Hi Joe - I have infact answered my own question and found out that a 3kw hand wash type heater can be connected to a normal mains supply with an appropriate fuse and switch. I will be washing prints in the darkroom, and with summer main-supply water temps at about 16 degrees and dropping in the winter, i definately do need something to heat it up.

so it looks like a 3 kw hand heater is the way to go, my only concern being that it isnt really designed for prolonged use, only quick bursts, so this may be a problem???
The water out of the tap at this end of the country is even colder than yours in Kent and years ago I investigated the possibilty of installing the type of heater you mention and it was not going to work for continuous running as required to wash prints. I use a pre wash then hypo clear followed by a 40 minute wash in running water but in the winter I extend the time to 1 hour. So far I've not had a print stain on me due to insufficient washing.