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It's interesting that you got warmer tones from Amidol than 130. I got cold tones from Michael's amidol formula (using distilled water) - and warmer tones with 130 (the kit from Photographers Formulary.) I wonder if the glycol is the variable, or something else.

I tried Rodinal with Azo a couple of times. The first time, I used a dilution of 1:20, I believe, and thought the results were soot and chalk. Later, I tried 1:10 and liked the results better. Someone on this forum was using Rodinal with good results. Maybe he'll jump in.
Hi Juan, I am virtually certain that the restrainer (KBr) quantity is the variable.

I mix all my chemistry with 18 megaohm deionized water (continuous quality monitoring) so that shouldn't be a factor.

I made a mass spectrometer run on a sample of the Glycin powder and it is the real stuff - high purity, too.

I mixed my Ansco 130 (and my PPPD) without KBr. I developed several work prints and observed high developer activity and warm tones (warmer than the MS Amidol).

Then I added 6 ml of 10% KBr to the Ansco 130. The developer activity slowed down and the tones went to blue/black (deep blacks - very nice). The prints have a lot of visual "snap."

I expect that if I use 2ml of 10% KBr per liter of working solution Ansco 130 I will get a warmer toned image than the MS Amidol. According to the literature, I can lower also the contrast with Ansco 130 by increasing the dilution.

Time for a second round of tests!