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now I'm in a quandry ... I want to save as much money as I can, and not having extra on my electricity bill would be good, but then again, I'm worried about over using water (it not metered here, but I am doing my best to be as environmentally aware as I can) and a heated supply would certainly cut down washing times (even more so with HCA) .... thanks for the help though everyone.

I think I'll try cold first, I can always fit a hand washer heater in the future if I have any problems.
I donít think the water temperature for print washing is too important provided it dosn't come out of the tap in lumps. I read somewhere that if it is below 15įC then it may take a little longer to wash, but given the very small flow rates required for washing, that should not be a problem. However you will need a heated supply for tempering water for chemical preparation and film washing so the instant water heater should be ok. Iím at a similar stage with plans for my own darkroom, so please pass on any thoughts. This evening I signed up a ground worker to clear the site, so maybe I will finish by Christmas??