G'day Mick,
There is some good work in quite a few of the restaurants as well. How's my old camera going? I made a blue with the 8x10 the other day.
I took 2 photos of an old bridge with the sun breaking through fog onto it the other day and put the darkslides back in the same way I took them out. I had to process 16 sheets of film (because they were the same way as all the others) before I found which film holder had the two shots. A very expensive mistake in money and time.
On another note. I found out through my partner, that there is another 8x10 user in Geelong, so I'll be having a chat with him about ordering film from the States to get a cheap rate. His wife goes to the gym where Jenni works, and asked Jenni's boss, who used to do wedding photography professionally, to give a talk at the Geelong Camera Club. Fiona said no, talk to Jenni and get her partner to do it. And here was I thinking I was the only 8x10 user in Geelong. It's a small world isn't it.