I had that exact lens about 1982 for my Nikon's. It was a brilliant lens, slightly heavy and the winding back and forth required a fair bit of screwing, it certainly will not go from infinity to close focus in 1/2 a twist.

I think it used a 72mm filter thread.

Somewhere, I have the original little booklet that came with it.

Very nice lens and made quite a lot of good pictures for me it when I had it.

The Vivitar Series 1 lenses and Sigma Series II were for me, the only aftermarket lenses I considered reasonably close quality wise compared to Nikkor. Especially when you consider they were under 1/2 the price of Nikkor lenses but weren't 1/2 the quality.

I still run three Sigma lenses, 18 3.5, 24 2.8, 600 8 (mirror)