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Which companies in the US or elsewhere cut Wratten/ B&W/ CC filters?

I'm not sure what you are asking for.

`Wratten´ is a brand name!
It originates from a company of the same name producing filters by dying gelatine. That company was bought by Kodak (1912?) who still pruduce filters giving them the designation of `Wratten followed by a number´.

Concerning your other posts, could it be you refer by Wratten to IR-filters?

Filters made out of dyed polyester are typically used blank and can be cut by means of a knife or pair of scissors (best while enveloped in their protective cover).
The same way dyed gelatine filters can be cut. However, due to their great sensitivity to moisture they are often laminated between optical glass. This is done by specialized companies. Cutting those further down to size would be a critical task more difficult than using a pair of scissors.