Wyno, I ended up buying 8x10 from Badger, 50 sheets of TXP and 50 sheets of HP5. All up cost was US$345 inc. postage. B&H was fairly close too. Trying to get the point where you are paying the least in postage per unit is a delicate act. 100 sheets seemed to be the tipping point where you get past the minimum shipping cost. I've also bought 600 Print File 8x10 negative preservers from B&H which should last me many years. They are available locally, but at four times the cost.

I've got a box of Chinese "Zebra" film to try that came via eBay but I've never seen any more for sale. Likewise for ERA which I've only seen in 4x5 although I believe that 8x10 exists. Unfortunately there isn't much in the way of European film that is cheap enough. Once you factor in the shipping the difference is small enough that you might as well just buy Ilford or Kodak. It may be worth approaching the Australian Ilford distributor directly and seeing if you can buy 8x10 wholesale. I'd be willing to buy some more if you needed a minimum purchase.