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one of the major things that influence me are the current state of building and production of the things all around us. plastic, fake, build to break. in minneapolis newer condos (which are all over the place and are part of destroying many of the older industrial landscapes) are either rather modern or build to look like they were 100 years old. everything is so empty, devoid of life. older industrial complexes in contrast are so beautiful and seem to be disappearing at a rapid rate.
That's the way it is everywhere; that's the way it's been for a long time now, but the construction/housing boom of the last few years has ratcheted up the pace of destruction to amazing levels; personally I find it hard not to respond in some way in my photography, even if it's not much more than, better get a picture of that now, because next year it isn't going to be there.

Another way that I think of it is that an artifact that has weathered and decayed, an old building abandoned after years of use, etc., has more of an story. It may not be "life" but life has happened to it. With the slick and the new, nothing has happened to it yet; there is no story. Indeed, one sometimes feels they are constructed so that no story can happen, which is a different sort of message and one that I am not sure how to capture in my pictures yet.

Richar Boutwell: "If they are attempting exhibit the typologies of all the things (industrial parks, shopping malls, row houses, tract houses, McMansions, construction sites etc.) then they are succeeding. If they are making statements about the homogeny of our modern society then they are succeeding. But isn't the work itself is also becoming a part of that homogeny? To me though, it is just beginning to be boring, and not at all beautiful."

Perhaps being beautiful is not the goal. This is the environment many of us live in now; when I walk around town that is what there is to see, frequently. Guess what? It's getting to be kind of a boring world out there. I try to make my photos graphically interesting, but if I am taking a picture of something I don't think is beautiful, I don't try to show it as such.