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But I have to ask this:

Has anyone ever used this:

Brown Tone Print Developer (Agfa-120)

I haven't run the formula through my calculator, but if it's long lasting, it might be another option...
Yes, Agfa-120 is essentially identical to Agfa Neutol WA. This is a hydoquinone/sulfite/carbonate developer. It is often used in split development to control/manipulate image tone and contrast.

The Stock Solution formula is:
Water (125F) ---------------- 750ml
Sodium Sulfite ---------------- 60 grams
Hydroquinone ---------------- 24 grams
Potassium Carbonate ---------- 80 grams
Cold water to make ------------ 1 liter

Dilute 1:5 for warm black tones
Dilute 1:4 for brown-black tones

If you add about 5 grams of Potassium Bromide per liter of the working solution it will yield neutral to brown tones, depending on the paper.

This would be an ideal developer to split into 2 (or 3) stock solutions to maximize shelf life.

(A) Dissolve the Hydroquinone in 500ml of Propylene Glycol.

(B) Dissolve the Sulfite, and Carbonate in 500 ml water.

(C) Dissolve 25 grams of Potassium Bromide in water to make 100ml (approx. 25% solution).

For a 1:5 working solution take 1 part A plus 1 part B plus 5 parts water.

For a browner tone, add 2ml of C per liter of the working solution (as a starting point).