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Yes, Agfa-120 is essentially identical to Agfa Neutol WA.
Dilute 1:5 for warm black tones
Dilute 1:4 for brown-black tones

Alright, I didn't realize that the formula was for a stock solution. That puts it in the 40 cent per liter category (1:4 dilution)... Not bad at all.
And the formula is simple enough that I can probably mix a fresh batch whenever I need one (or mix an extra one and keep it botled until needed). I'm really not chemically inclined, but by reading a little of http://www.jackspcs.com I noticed that Sodium Sulfite helps to keep the Hidroquinone form spoiling. That would mean that in the very least, a topped off bottle of stock solution would last a few weeks, right?

Also, by essentially the same as Neutol WA, do you mean the same, or similar? I currently use Neutol WA, diluted 1:7 IIRC... If the 120 developer gives me more brown tones, it might be the answer.

Thanks for the quick response,