Here's the latest PM I've sent to Tom, I think it might interest anyone else who is reading this thread.

Tom mentioned the MSDS sheet published by Agfa, and how it implied great similarities between Neutol WA and Agfa-120.

I then looked for the MSDS sheet, and being the annoying brat that I am, proceeded to bug Tom about it.

The reason I'm posting this is that I truly think that it might help someone else if they ever find themselves wanting to try out Agfa-120.

And I'd like to thank Tom for his unearthly patience with me, and for his help in this matter.

Sorry if this whole post sounds like a disclaimer, I guess I've been in a disclaimer kind of mood lately...

Tom, here's the ingredients I found on the Agfa MSDS (thanks for bringing it up, BTW):

Potassium sulfite 1-5 %
Potassium carbonate 1-5 %
Hydroquinone 0-1 %
Phenidone 0-1 %
Potassium bromide 0-1 %
EDTA, Tetrasodium salt 0-1 %
Water (To 100%)

Wouldn't the adition of Potassium sulfite, Phenidone, Tetrasodium salt, and Pot Bromide, along with the exclusion of Sodium Sulfite, make for a significantly different chemical than Agfa120?
And isn't the Pot Carbonate in the 8% range in the 120?

I'm not asking this to be stubborn, but out of sheer ignorance...

here's the link to the MSDS I found: