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Here's the latest PM I've sent to Tom, I think it might interest anyone else who is reading this thread.

Tom mentioned the MSDS sheet published by Agfa, and how it implied great similarities between Neutol WA and Agfa-120.

I then looked for the MSDS sheet, and being the annoying brat that I am, proceeded to bug Tom about it.

The reason I'm posting this is that I truly think that it might help someone else if they ever find themselves wanting to try out Agfa-120.

And I'd like to thank Tom for his unearthly patience with me, and for his help in this matter.

Sorry if this whole post sounds like a disclaimer, I guess I've been in a disclaimer kind of mood lately...
The difference between potassium and sodium salts in this case will probably not be in the color or gradations. It was easier for the Germans to get potassium salts. The EDTA is for water softening and could be left out if you use soft or demineralized water.