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If the ascorbic acid were regenerated, then this would be an electron transport developer. Unfortunately, if the other agent is consumed, it is not an ET developer. It is superadditive though.

Say what? I am confused. That's a normal state of mind for me, but I need education. I think the ascorbic acid is consumed and the other agent is not, at least until the ascorbic acid is no longer able to function as a a reducer of the other agent. That seemed to be the conclusion reached by the experiment reported in Mees & James. What sort of concoction would keep both agents from being consumed? Don't give away any secrets if that is what this is about.

It appears that you have said that if either agent is consumed, it is not an ET developer. I don't recall seeking an ET developer. I've gotta go eat. I'll mull it over and try to figure out what you said.