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I hope the Agfa 120 works out for you. I had been using Agfa Neutol WA before switching to the PG/PQ developer, and while similar, I much prefer the PG/PQ, and as I noted above, I expect the image to warm with dilution, which will aslo bring the cost/liter down into the 10-25 cents/liter range. If I could get my scanner to work, I could post some images made from negatives and paper developed in PG/PQ. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing your images posted.
Jay, I have been developing Kodak TMY in Pat Gainer's PC-TEA with excellent results. I have done some Azo contact printing with PC-TEA as well. I can get a wide range of tones with it by adding Benzotriazole and I can manipulate the contrast with a combination of Benzotriazole and dilution.

Lord knows what the shelf life is - but it is LOOOOONG!