Interesting day. Well, it's only 50-60 years old, but I just got my latest Kalart Press Camera today. perhaps one of the few remaining working examples. The range finder seems 'on', the interlocks seem to work correctly, The little piece at the top is not original, I can take care of that, and the shutter seems to be fairly accurate. Glass looks clean. I can't wait to put some film through it.

Now I have two other KPCs. Neither has the electronics working correctly, one has a balky Rapax shutter (Carol??). All three 127 Raptars are in nice shape. One shutter is a Rapax-X so I can use it with a flash. I have some flash bulbs for this and I have four flash units, one with a removable head on an expandable wire. All fairly exotic accessories. Maybe I'll engage the daughters to be models one more time and see what I can do with this.

The things I don't have to make this a complete set are the special Kalart film holders that prevent double exposure nor do I have anything other than the 127 Raptars and their associated black screen range finder inserts.

So... how many of these are out in APUG land?

tim in san jose