I did call CR Kennedy and spoke to their Ilford person. I was informed that 8x10" is currently available ex stock in FP4+ and HP5+ as well as 11x14".

It should be possible for people to walk into their local camera shop in Geelong and order this film.

If the shop doesn't wish to get this film in for you then the distributor will more than likely deal direct with you. This is not what the distributor wishes to do, but their bottom line, is that they are in the business of moving film and paper!

With stock arriving approximately every two weeks from the UK, there also shouldn't be too much of a problem with special orders.

I myself was very interested in 4x5" film in 100 sheet boxes as that is the cheapest way to purchase the product. Unfortunately Australia will not be seeing this product in 100 sheet boxes, the implied understanding is that if I wish to purchase a couple of hundred sheets then something could and should be worked out.

I think this is a reasonable thing for the local distributor, but realistically this may be a difficult position regarding 4x5" 100 sheet boxes.

The Australian retail price of 2 x 25 sheet boxes, is almost identical to the landed cost of a single 100 sheet box from overseas. Sadly, I cannot see a 50% price reduction happening.

If anyone wishes to get the details of just who to contact in CR Kennedy, pm me and I'll pass on the details.