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so just to confirm this. You guys are saying that it is possible to remove the shots from the pack film holder one at a time and then dev them later? Just want to make sure you're not thinking that I am talking about 4x5 polaroid backs using single sheets. I'll be using the packs. I'll probably see what you mean once I buy a pack to look at. Thanks

P.S. also, I see a lot of mention that the positive must be 'coated' immediately. Coated with what?
The type 55 sheets can be removed from the holder without processing it by not moving the roller lever and just pushing on the release button. This is how you use Quickloads in the holder as well. I have no idea on the pack film.

The Sheet film comes with 4 coating sponges, impregnated with coating goo, for 20 sheets of film. I assume the pack does as well. You do not need to coat the prints unless you plan on keeping them - they don't fade that quickly. In fact I don't coat them until I get home (usually less than 4 hours). The reason for this is that the coating takes a long time to dry and collects dust and crap. This ruins the print much more than a slight bit of fading, which I have never personally seen. This is all for type 55. It may be different for the pack films.