For some time, I have found the UK magazine "Amateur Photographer" to be more entertaining than most and have from time to time written articles and submitted portofolios. These have been published at a rate of 50 an A4 page, which while not earth-shattering was acceptable to me and a way of getting a published by-line, as opposed to my "day job" where, for various reasons, my writing work goes out (every day) under other people's names.

Recently I noted that AP had changed to paying 50 a PORTFOLIO (no matter how large), which I regarded as a definite turn for the worse. I now open this week's issue and find a feature entitled "gallery - five pages of genuine reader pictures". This features 11 pictures by six photographers - one picture is the "Editor's Choice" and the photographer concerned receives a payment of 50, the others get a tea mug with the logo "Amateur Photographer Love My Pictures". AP is obviously proud of this section, since it is the first major picture feature in the book and starts on page 11, and is no doubt extremely pleased at its cleverness in reducing the cost of 5 pages of readers' pictures from 250 a year or so ago to 52.50 (assuming 50 pence per tea mug) now.

I regard this as a spectacularly brazen rip-off and will never send the mag anything ever again. Any views, any similar experiences with other publications?