I need a new printing frame. The one I use now is a vintage (lord knows how old but the box it came in looks OLD...) Kodak frame. It is 5x7 and includes some easel blades so you can use it with 4x5 or any other size negatives. Great for a first frame. I use it with my cyanotypes and it is great.

But it of course will not do forever. Looking at the price of frames, I am thinking of just building my own. They are pretty simple over all. Plus I have a frame I can work from.

Thing is, I plan on moving to gum dichromate at some point. Cyanotypes were merely the best and easiest way for me to get started in alternative methods. Although I doubt I will ever abandon it. I find it appealing in many ways. But ever onwards and upwards.

So looking at gum prints it becomes very obvious that I need some sort of registration system. Especially if I want to do color or multiple exposures (which I do). Alignment is key to the process. Plus I could use it for other things later on if I needed to.

So how do I go about making a good printing frame with a registration system built in? Ideally I'd like a frame that would be versatile. I'd like to be able to use 8x10 and 4x5 negs. I'd also like to be able to use the available sizes of paper readily. Be it 8x10 POP paper or something self coated. Meaning I could use some advice on the "ideal" size regarding the various papers out there. I have no idea what sizes things like Arches are available in, and I'd love to be able to minimize waste. So any input there would be great.

So come on....pour out your knowledge folks....