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O.K. I finished my first BTZS film test yesterday and it seemed to easy.

My question is...

Do I understand correctly that I should always leave my meter (Pentax Spot Meter V) set for ASA 100? Even when shooting (tested) 400 speed film? I will be using ExpoDev for the Palm in the field.


Yes, if you use the palm pilot, it is standardized to EVs assuming an ISO of 100. With the meter you are using, though, it ALWAYS reads out in real EV, regardless of what you set as the ISO on the ring. The meters you have to watch out for are some of the incident meters like the Digisix where the ISO is entered into the electronic brains of the meter and it will read out a 'ISO adjusted' EV value. Sort of confusing, but if you look at how the Pentax actually works, it will read the same EV regardless of what ISO you have set on the dial. It is not coupled with the light measurement itself.