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regarding AP reckonging they can still attract the right quality of contribution.....I think the standard has been falling for an awfully long time and only once in a blue moon do I buy it now. I also enjoyed Rogers Articles and once in a while as I pass thru UK airoports I have a look. Think the last one I bought was about a year ago....
I think that is a large part of the problem. It is now in a vicious circle rather than a virtuous one. Falling sales = cost cutting = poorer standard = falling sales etc.

I cannot re-call AP trying to ask readers what they liked. So they are making changes "blind" or by the new editor's instinct which I suspect may not turn out to be sound.

It must be difficult filling a mag every week and in fact they don't when you look at the amount of space taken up by more or less the same adverts, some of which you need a magnifying glass to read. I do wonder why they don't consider a slightly "meatier" fortnightly magazine instead.

Readers then have something to look forward to and it is difficult to believe that if you are looking for gear then it is more frequently than once a fortnight or that if you had previously spotted a good source that you wouldn't then use the internet if the magazine wasn't published that week.