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hello friends,

penguin reporting in from paris.

have spent some time printing at self color - rue des vinaigriers and am happy to recommend it. used up some fortezo paper i'd been carrying around with me since brooklyn -- gorgeous tones.

have decided i want to paint on top of my photos (not in the sense of hand coloring, but more in the sense of crazy layers of color and scratches) -- any advice?

had transparency film processed at negatif plus - they did a nice job.

otherwise - am trying to lay off les croissants amondes (sp???) mais c'est plus dificile. went out to versailles and had the gardens to myself. arrived at 7AM and wandered around and around. the place was empty. popped out of a garden at 11AM and there were thousands of people at the palace. i made a quick escape and by noon i was back in paris!

see you all in a few weeks,

Kim Weston has done a series of painting over platinum, you can see a sample of his work here http://www.kimweston.com/painted_pho...ted_photos.htm

I have seen a number of these images at his workshop - some are outstanding, some are, well, interesting. But theydo sell.

Looks like you are enjoying that wonderful city, make sure you get to try "les escargots"