In the UK we have a very different landscape to the US, granted. But I struggle to find examples of the best UK work out there and I am sure there is superb work being produced. Great US photography is easy to find on the internet and there are lots of big names out there as well as seriously talented 'unknowns'. Any web links that would help us Brits to see the best examples of our landscape would be truly appreciated. It is sad really, but I find myslf constantly looking at great photography from places other than the UK. While great photographs exist, I have not really come across any single photog who have really nailed it in the way Ansel Adams, Roman Loranc, Huntington Witherill, Bob Kolbrener etc have for the US....Maybe they all work out of Scottish log cabins with no internet connections to allow for websites? It seems that the many talented UK amateurs are responsible for almost all of the best work.