Hi Jorge

I should do an article on it, in fact I was working on a book in french which contain all these but I don't have enough time to ended my test and my book, as all here I have to pay my bills and I truely prefer to spent my time out with my camera than in front of my computer screen. I still work on it a little but I delay the printing.

I start using different developer when I work with Satista+ . in fact instead of using silver nitrate . I develop part of the image with gold, platinum or palladium. I am still testing all these but I need a little more time to ended my test with other noble salt .

I remark that some noble salt don't work easily as main component or additive in a calssis Ferric develop by oxalate system. But it give better and interesting result with metalic developer like with Satista.

I will think of making an article in english that' s quicker to do than a book.