Well we visited the area yesterday and had a ball.

There was an extremely interesting display of contact printed 4x5, 5x7 & 8x10 prints that were all shot on June the 2nd and developed, printed, framed and matted in 1 day for display.

They are at the Pig & Whistle pub in East Trentham. You cannot miss it, it is virtually the only building at East Trentham. I would suggest you bring a torch, something like a mini mag light as some of the prints are really stuck in obscure corners which are quite deprived of light.

We then journeyed along to Smeaton to the Anderson Mill where there was a massive display of all sorts of stuff. However the real reason for going there was to see some immaculate 16x20 framed, matted B&W prints done by a photographer who's name escapes me at the moment, someone out there will know of him. He is based in Mansfield and has been operating LF workshops for about the last 15 or so years. His work was brilliant, to put it mildly. Not quite in the same league as Ansell Adams, but not very far off either. I would suggest that anyone interested in seeing just what film based photography is all about from a large B&W print point of view could do worse than see this exhibition.

Whilst at the Mill we also walked inside a real Camera Obscura, which was a buzz.

There were other exhibitions there as well but they mostly didn't come under the format this forum is based upon.

We then visited the Pantechnicon gallery which had some superb Prints from Charlie Waites of the UK About 14 prints in colour, with one print being a B&W one of the sands in Namibia done in a panoramic format.

That more or less was our day except we then had dinner in Stoaked, which is a cafe type restaurant. There was a display of very nice B&W prints there which were well lit and presented from Suzanne Laslett of Adelaide. That was a bonus.

Worth going to, especially if there are a group of you whereby you can bounce ideas and comments off one another.

It finishes next weekend so anyone thinking of going has one last week to arrange their travels to get there.