I was unhappy here with my search either for a film scanner or a flatbedscanner.

Because for most of the filmscanner you have to cut the 120 negs individually, or if you want to use a flatbed the risk for damaging the negatifs is high, or many times the scan shows newton rings.

(fui: I could'n afford a Amicon scanner, the only scanner that has'nt those problems).

But I found this:


I ordered one of the holders yesterday. It wasn't cheap at all, agreed, I took some risks. (Think some handy men can easely create the holders themselves)

But on my Agfa Arcus 1200 (max 2400 ppi) it works wonderfull.

The solution for me. I don't need to cut my negs and no more newton rings or problems with dust anymore.

Hope, it was usefull for you!