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That's what I miss about New Yorkers, your all so direct! LOL

Thanks z-man, great advice, I may well try this out. Thanks again.
de nada hermanito(a?)

give me a hollar any time on such issues-before i became dissabled my co-workers would often humble me with by branding me thusly: ' yo lookit this- we got a f****ing ARTIST here-next thing he'll be inviting us to his openings allready'--- so of course i didn't

as a photomechanical artist doing 'work for hire' for 53+ nyc adv agencys on almost every national campaign coming out of nyc in the 80's i had to have a seriously large magic bag so as to keep that $125.00/hr billing going

took a working holiday by moving to boston in the 90's-less presure and work was actually more interesting but the money wasn't so it was homeward bound-and what do i find? no work at all-so it goes

vaya con dios