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The consensus is that glass is the way to go, however newton rings can be a problem, but there is special glass for this, and this glass can reduce sharpness? How does the anti-newton glass impact the quality for those here that use it? I'm trying to find the best balance to use, but may just have to try different options and see for myself. just curious, thanks
There is an alternative glass to AN glass. Durst is using this glass on their negative carriers for optimal sharpness. I am not sure but it may be something akin to Denglas (coated anti reflective glass). I believe that they will provide this glass separately. Seems that a glass kit for my 138S was up near $85.00 US as I recall.

On a separate note, I have used glassless carriers before. I have found that glass neg carriers provide optimal sharpness especially for condensor type enlargers.