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Pop Photo magazine used to do this periodically until, you know, "film died". :rolleyes:
Dear David,

Yeah, well, look at Shutterbug Buyers' Guides until two or three years ago. Frances Schultz used to do exactly this, though only for films available in the US. I can tell you that it's a LOT of hard work, calling the manufacturers and checking exactly what is and isn't available. Then there are special-order sizes and 'short-run' films -- a lot of Maco stuff appears and then disappears.

Good luck to anyone who's willing to do it as a labour of love, without being paid! We thought of doing it for www.rogerandfrances.com but realized we'd be making a rod for our own backs -- there will always be corrections, and then there are the 'corrections' sent in by those who don't actually know the answers...