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There are swing lens digital cameras? That's what I meant.

The full rotational ones don't have nearly the flexibility and features of the SLRs. More effort has been put into tripod heads and stitching programs than actual cameras.
I'm not entirely sure that rotational cameras are less flexible or have fewer features, and I'm sure Seitz (who make the Roundshot) would disagree with you. They're harder to hand-hold, it's true, but what other features are you looking for?

Also, given that Seitz has made a 6x17 scanning back camera (at about 28,000 euros) as well as digital rotation cameras, I rather suspect that they could make a swing-lens if they wanted. I don't know of any digital swing-lens cameras, though. Perhaps AgX can enlighten us further?

The only swing-lens I've ever used was a Horizont belonging to the Supreme Soviet (which show how long ago it was). It was awful. But even if it had worked, I don't think I'd have wanted one. They're very much love-it-or-hate-it.