I have a dozen or so of John Blakemore's beautiful landscape prints. I bought them from him in the early '80s at 100 quid each, which at the time was only about $60(US).
He met me at the train station in Derby, and along with his 10 year old son we rattled along in his 2CV back to his flat, where he showed me boxes of 16x20 prints and I decided which ones I could afford. As he left the room to fetch some others, his son asked me how much I was paying.
"100 quid." I said.
"For the whole box?" he asked.
"No, for each print."
"Cor!" he said (the first time that I actually heard the work used - I thought that it was just in paperbacks). I could almost see the calculator running inside the boy's head.
Suddently the kid literally seemed to have a new respect for his father. It was fun to see.