In my efforts to reproduce late 19th century looks, I am trying an experiment.

I got a box of Ortho Plus, and plan on slamming a bunch of ND filters on it to lower the effective ASA to around 1, maybe 1/2. That way I can get a long exposure and enough "softening" to get the look I want. The ortho aspect should help too.

Now, first off, what should I rate it at? I have heard that 25 is recomended, but I have also heard 40-80. I plan on using D-76 in a 1:1 mix (simply because that is what I have now. Later this may change.)

Secondly, after popping the needed ND filters on it (most likely my 8x, a 4x, and who knows what else...), I am really dropping the film speed. To the point where I wonder about reciprocity failure. Any suggestions here or should I even worry?

Thirdly, I have an odd concern. Well, not odd. The safelight in the new darkroom I was assigned seems AWFULLY bright. It is a red light and about 4 feet from my work space, but it seems just...well...BRIGHT...I dunno. Hard to quantify. It just seems like my eyes don't have to adjust much when I am in there. I am used to the softer, yellow lights, and a MUCH softer red light. Should this be a concern at all? I hear people say less is more in this matter, and when I get some time I might run some fogging tests, but how red sensitive is Ortho film?